At The Meeting Pod Co we specialise in the manufacture and sale of Indoor and Outdoor Office Pods to provide meeting space and breakout areas for office, healthcare and educational workplaces or campuses. Our office pods are dynamic in style, exceptional in quality and deliver a purpose that is now aligned to the new ways we want to meet, work and learn.

The Meeting Pod Office Pod

Meeting Pod

Booth Office Pod


Bespoke Box Office Pod


Outdoor Pod Office Pod

Outdoor Pod

The Escape Pod Office Pod

Escape Pod

The Meeting Box Office Pod

Meeting Box

Container Box Office Pod

Container Box

The Outdoor Office Pod

Outdoor Office Pod

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Modern office environments are changing, to attract and retain top talent employers must now provide engaging workplaces dynamic open plan spaces combined with funky office pods and office booths which provide breakout and agile work areas.

Collaboration is the new buzzword, utilising office pods as work areas where people work together to drive creativity, innovation and performance.

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Meeting Pod Insitu with Pod Squared

Brainstorming in the Meeting Pod
At The Meeting Pod Co we manufacture a range of Meeting Pods, Office Pods, Office Booths and Outdoor Pods to provide meeting space and breakout areas in open plan working environments, our work pods include:

  • High quality exteriors with acoustic interiors
  • Glass enclosure, back panel, table, lighting, power
  • Full range or office pod shapes, styles and themes
  • Modular office pod designs which can be reconfigured or moved
  • A work pod footprint which is typically 40% less than a partitioned office
  • Outdoor Office Pod options with mains or solar power
  • Unique office pod designs with certificate of design registration
  • Competitive pricing with clean and quick installation service
  • 5 years office pod structural parts guarantee
  • Our office pods are UK Manufactured with recycled materials on the Isle of Wight

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Our Meeting Pod’s dynamic shape will deliver the WOW factor into any office environment and its modular design enables us to build 2, 4, 6, 8 person or larger pod sizes by connecting sectional parts. As a result, our pods have the flexibility to be disassembled and moved or reconfigured as your office environment needs change.

Accessories including table, acoustic or glass back panels, lighting, AV and full glass enclosures are available as well as a full range of bespoke colour and fabric options.

Our meeting pods are unique to us with a certificate of design registration. The acoustic foam interiors deliver excellent noise reduction properties.

Try our Meeting Pod Configurator to design and price your perfect meeting pod.

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Exploding 8 Man Meeting Pod

Check out our new outdoor pods, so if you feel like meeting, working or taking lunch outside, our outdoor pods offer the perfect environment to get the job done whilst getting away from the office.
Our Outdoor Pods come in a range of configurations from 2 to 8 person. They can be supplied open, part enclosed or fully enclosed with double glazing, mains or solar power options, as well as fully insulated, heated and air conditioned, making them the perfect outside place to escape to all year round.

Outdoor Pods
Outdoor Pod insitu outside an office

The Booth

Our meeting booths are the most cost effective way to create a dedicated private meeting space within an open plan office. Our booths are perfectly optimised to fit into the tightest of spaces whilst comfortably seating 4 people with options for a back panel, table, USB power point and screen hanging.

The Booth Box Office Pod
The Booth Box Office Pod
The Booth Box Office Pod

Welcome to The Meeting and Container Box

The Meeting Box is our latest office pod has been developed to meet a demand for linear shaped office pods which maximise space efficiency and can be offered as a meeting space or private office. Open, part enclosed or fully enclosed options are available. They lend themselves perfectly to create a ‘Bank’ of office pods either along a wall or as central focal point within an open plan office and The Container Box introduces an industrial theme as a truly standout feature.

The Meeting Box

Meeting Box Office Pod
Meeting Box Office Pod
Meeting Box Office Pod

The Container Box

Container Box Office Pod
Container Box Office Pod
Container Box Office Pod

We can offer a range of standard Bank configurations or create a bespoke creation based on your individual requirements.

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We have undertaken hundreds of successful indoor and outdoor pod installations throughout the UK and Internationally, to some of the world’s most dynamic organisations. Take a look at our Case Studies.

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