The Depot

Project Details

Project Details

The Depot student accommodation offers stylish student living with amazing links to the city centre, and all the universities and colleges that Exeter has to offer. Their rooms are designed with student living in mind. The Depot purchased three fully enclosed outdoor pods to provide dynamic working environments for their students to utilise off campus, and they haven’t been empty since they were installed!

How did you find dealing with TMPC?

Perfect, efficient and fast delivery & installation

How has it changed the way your students work?

The students love the pods- being outside but in a cosy little pod is a nice change from their usual study space environment

What’s the best thing about your pods?

Comfortable to sit in for long periods of time and warm, even in winter!

How do you find the acoustics?

Perfect for hosting meetings

How much are the pods used?

EVERY DAY! There is rarely a free pod. As soon as one becomes empty, another student will come and request the keys!