5 Advantages of our Pods

Advantages of The Meeting Pod Co pods you need to know

Our Meeting Pod, Outdoor Pod, Escape Pod and Box products are versatile, practical, and stylish solutions for any modern office or external environment. They are a functional meeting place in the office space, they provide the opportunity for employees to collaborative together, and double up as the perfect breakout zone. These are just a few of the long list of advantages…

Studies have shown that providing dedicated spaces in which to concentrate and collaborate away from the usual office environment allows people to be productive. Bearing this in mind investing in office pods is therefore not only a question of image (because such equipment is a sign that the employer follows trends and cares about his or her team, providing them with appropriate office conditions), but also simply … a great deal. Their flexible natures make them a great investment that can last for years, and in the case of our pods, they can relocate time and time again with you!

Advantages of Pods – why should you opt for them?

  1. Possibility of customisation

The Meeting Pod Co offer a bespoke option which enables you to put your mark on your pod. Each pod within our Pod Family is totally customisable in terms of colour and finish, as well as tech. Whether this is to add a splash of colour, graphics, or specific fabric choices, we can make it happen. You can choose from a pleather of options for our pod shells, internal materials, and core components, to name just a few. All our products can visually reflect the spirit of the company whose office it will occupy.

  1. Quick and efficient assembly and disassembly of pods

All of our pods, regardless of model, are designed in such a way that installing them in an office or external space is not a complicated operation. The assembly and disassembly of our pods is carried out by our in-house team of skilled engineers, with the whole procedure taking hours at most, not days.

  1. Perfect room acoustics – better office acoustics

Improved office acoustics and a sound-isolated place for focused work or meetings away from other people’s ears is an undeniable advantage of our pods. Users inside our pods only hear muffled sounds from outside, and do not disturb others at the same time, as their conversations do not escape outside the pod.

  1. Flexibility of pod placement

Another advantage of our pods is the fact they are relocatable, meaning they can be placed anywhere within an office environment. The fact that all our pods are hand crafted from recycled composite fibre glass, makes them extremely lightweight.

  1. Interesting and practical solutions inside and on the outside

And finally, a few more highlights… our pods are not just meeting rooms. They are comfortable, ergonomic places to work, meet or even relax. They feature power sockets inside, USB inputs, sensor activated lighting, sound system and screen or TV attachment option.

These 5 advantages are just the beginning of a long list of features of The Meeting Pod Co office solutions. But don’t waste your time reading about them – it’s better to experience the benefits for yourself – in your own office!