Adapting Pods to a new way of working

As we start to look at returning to work, there is an emphasis on changing the way we use existing meeting pods, and future pods installed in the workplace. Whilst here at TMPC we create our products to encourage collaboration, things are changing, and we are adapting our pods accordingly.

Our products can now be used as individual offices, offering a private and safe workspace for employees to use upon their return to the workplace. Modifying the application of our meeting pods mean employees can feel safe within a confined space, not worrying that others may be getting too close.

Our larger meeting pods, which could previously host up to 10 occupants, can still be utilised in these times, but at a lesser occupancy. We would advise having 60% less people within the space. This ensures that social distancing rules aren’t broken and where necessary, we can provide glazed screens to be installed on the table for further protection.

With workplaces looking to generate more space between employees, we have recently seen a push on outdoor pods. With many offices having large atriums, roof tops and outdoor space, employers are looking at utilising these to create additional individual workspace or meeting areas- anyone for a car park pod?

The flexibility of our products means that when (hopefully in the not too distance future) the workplace returns to a more normal layout, the pods can easily be returned to their intended purpose for collaboration, and hot desking. Until then, we want to provide a products that are suitable, and help employers to adapt to the current situation.