Barcelona was a success!

We’re delighted to inform you that our participation with The Economist Group at EuroFinance’s Annual Conference was a great success. Having never taken part in an event like this before we were slightly sceptical, how foolish of us! Our pods we’re loved by all with The Economist Group inundated with booking requests for each of our pods.

The unique modularity of our Meeting Pods separates us from the rest, with our pods being a sophisticated alternative to ugly acoustic screens. Within an environment such as this event, it really worked in our favour. Their individual shape enticed the delegates initially, however it was their practicality that secured them. This was highlighted throughout the entire event with the pods not being left empty by delegates for long.

The feedback we received during the event and even still now has been eye opening. Obviously, we love our pods (or we wouldn’t make them), however its always great to hear such wonderful opinions from those who haven’t been exposed to our pods before. Events such as EuroFinance’s are definitely something we’re keen to take part in in the future, and if it’s in another foreign country like Barcelona there is no chance we’ll be saying no! Who doesn’t like to top up their tan whilst on the job…?!