Is your office ‘uninspiring’…?

As millennials storm through the workplace, constituting for 50% of the workforce in the next few years, the need for a more inspiring office design is paramount!

Millennials in the UK are turning their back on potential employees due to their uninspiring and poor office designs, according to a new study released recently. The research, commissioned by coworking provider Mindspace, in conjunction with research firm One Poll, have identified that employees are struggling to attract the young workers fresh on to the scene. Never have the aesthetics and vibe of a workplace been so important, with a study revealing how 31% of young Britons are tired with their boring, mundane office environment, causing an impact on their desire to want go to work. Whilst another 28% have noted how outdated their office environments feels. With the emphasis these days on how everything make us feel, you can see why the millennials set to take over the workforce are uninspired!

That’s where we come in… with many companies in the UK embracing open plan offices, a significant number of office workers (46%), feel there is limited or no collaboration between teams and departments. With one in five (19%) not feeling their current office encourages them to collaborate with others, a quarter (25%) are craving for any form of breakout zone, collaborative brainstorming area and the option for private work, and that is where we really thrive.

We’re giving the option to many companies who have opted for open plan offices to provide those spaces needed. If you need to pop in for a quick meeting, we’ve got you covered, want to discuss finance in a private space, we can do that, alternatively, want to chill out and scroll through Instagram… our Escape pod can be a zone that provides just that. The application for our Pods in the office environment are endless, their funky, futuristic and completely customisable design element make them extremely eye-catching, whilst perfectly practical.

Dan Zakai, co-founder and CEO at Mindspace commented, ‘It’s insightful to see that so many graduates and young workers are turning their back on potential employers because of the poor design of their office. While many young workers in the UK still value a good workplace culture and decent salary, employers need to start placing a much larger emphasis on the aesthetics of the office and fostering a more collaborative workspace in order to retain and attract the best young talent through their doors.’

Move over outdated, uninspiring and stuffy conference rooms, our Pods have got everything covered!