It’s our anniversary


We can’t believe it, one whole year since we sold our first set of pods. Wow, we always knew that the saying was true… time flies when you’re having fun, and that’s the case for us in this last year.

Just a mere 12 months later from our first sale we are growing more rapidly then we could have ever thought. Walk down memory lane with us and reminisce on just a few of the great highlights we had in 2017.

26th January 2017, we sold out first set of pods.

4 months later we attended our first exhibition and received an incredible response, something we could never have imaged.

Then finally as the winter months were drawing in we jetted off with 20 of our pods to Barcelona! International travel was completed.

The last year has been an intense and eye-opening journey for all here at The Meeting Pod Co, we’ve been exposed to opportunities that business’ in their first year can only dream of! It’s a year we certainly won’t forget in a hurry and will be forever grateful for all those opportunities but even more grateful for the lessons we learned along the way, but now to tackle 2018. With amazing prospects already in the pipeline, 2018 is set to blow 2017 out of the water. Please, watch this space!

However, it’s now time to eat far too much cake and celebrate.

Thank you!