LEGO announces their plans to build a brand new headquarters in Billund, Denmark which is expected to be constructed by 2020. The HQ will cover 560,000 square feet and the exterior of the building will look like a Lego plaza, which will invite the public in to visit and explore.


LEGO gave employees a chance to design a place that displayed creativity and encouraged people to play and interact. “Rather than design a purely slick office environment, we wanted to do something more playful” Weyer says. The atrium’s yellow, blue, and red match the Lego bricks’ classic colours, and the skylights also resemble the dots that make Lego bricks connect.


LEGO plans to combine work and play space for employees by building a park, a green roof area and even a mini golf course!

The new space is meant to encourage face-to-face, casual collaboration between employees. The company chose to put in more sofas than desks, with the hope that employees will problem-solve together rather than behind a computer. Employees will also be given the opportunity to chat and work outside on the lawn.


LEGO are not only looking to provide an innovative working space for their employee’s benefit. They also give travelling employees their own rooms, meals, and a gym in a social area, called the Lego People House.

LEGO is one of the many organisations who are looking to improve the workplace to make it an enjoyable place to work and spend their social time. If LEGO’s new HQ doesn’t motivate employees and improve productivity, then what else will?