The Meeting Pod Company Exhibit at Clerkenwell Design Week for the 1st Time!

The Meeting Pod Co. is thrilled to be exhibiting at Clerkenwell Design Week between the 23rd and 25th May to launch its new products to the market at this prestigious festival for the first time. Our pods encourage agile working by building a ‘third space’ solution for flexible working zones. This year Clerkenwell will see our visually striking Four Person Meeting Pod and our newly launched product, the Escape Pod.

Our Meeting Pods are unique to us with a certificate of design registration. The modular design enables 2 Person Meeting Pods to connect together providing 4, 6, 8 person or larger pod sizes. Acoustic foam interiors absorb background noise making meeting pods the perfect solution to create flexible, semi-enclosed focus spaces. Meeting pods transform dead space into an activity-centric area or dynamic break-out zone, encouraging the spontaneous exchange of ideas.

The Escape Pods’ segmented design allows for a range of configurations. From a semi-circular 4 Person Pod, ideal as an informal breakout zone, to a private 7 person space. This pod is great for escaping the hustle and bustle of a busy environment and a super-efficient use of space.

“We are so excited to bring and show off our concept to Clerkenwell this year. The feedback from both our colleagues and clients who have experienced our pods is incredible; we have created an intimate space where meetings are fun, enjoyable and productive! Turning our concept into a commercially viable range of products where our vision was to continuously push the boundaries of innovative design with products that made the working environment a better place to be, communicate and get things done.”

Mike Dalloz – Founder & Managing Director

When our founding director was unable to find suitable products that delivered his vision for stunning places to meet and work, he set about using local craftsman to build his own. Based on the Isle of Wight The Meeting Pod Co. has exploited the technical expertise of enhanced composite manufacturing that has diligently served the marine industry for years. It utilises the latest vacuum infused technologies for composite and carbon products that are exceptional in appearance whilst delivering practical solutions.

Why don’t you come and see us at our exhibition stand? You will find us at PB2 in the Design Field ‘PROJECT’ between the 23rd and 25th May.

We look forward to meeting you.