Say hello to ‘Click n’ Work’!

That’s right, we’ve done it again. Product development is the key to success.

After demand from clients we’ve created our latest product, say hello to our ‘Click n’ Work’ table.

What looks like our usual 2 person table, has a hidden secret! Two laptop dropleaf’s that click in and out for ease of use. The idea for this product came about when we created our first ever 2 person Meeting Pod fit with a full glass enclosure. Knowing that our usual table wasn’t going to work due to the reduction that was needed in order for the full glass enclosure to fit, we headed back to the drawing board- after lots of research, we’d solved it and our ‘Click n’ Work’ table was created.

The ‘Click n’ Work’ was the perfect solution. It allowed for a smaller table, which wouldn’t have been the most practicable to transform into a highly workable and savvy way of overcoming the situation. We tested the ‘Click n’ Work’ prototype over 200 times, to ensure the mechanics were working as best as they should, we then went ahead and created it for real and we couldn’t have been happier with the results.

Thankfully (not that we were ever worried…) after it’s installation we were informed by our client that they couldn’t be happier with the upgrade. It allowed them to use their Pod for a variety of uses, whether it was conference calls, laptop work, private meetings or a breakout zone, the possibilities were now endless to them.

‘Click n’ Work’ is now available as an added accessory on all of our back panels, it is not only just for 2 person Meeting Pods, it can be used across our entire range of Pods. It’s always great to get feedback from clients, they are after all the ones using the Pods constantly, and when it helps fuel product development we welcome it with open arms! We couldn’t be happier with ‘Click n’ Work’, and we’ve got even more to come- watch this space!