The benefits of Meeting Pods

Office Pod Insitu with Pod Squared

“Do meeting pods actually work?”- this is a phase we are commonly faced with and yes, they really do! Okay, so you may think we are slightly biased (which we most definitely aren’t), however let me give you a few examples as to how we know meeting pods are the future.

6 Person Meeting Pod

6 Person Meeting Pod in use at exhibition

  • Meetings pods are quick to install. They can be much cheaper to build than a joinery option, and are able to go with you when your company moves to new pastures. Their modular design means they can be slotted into whichever space you see fit, and might I add, for a fraction of the time of your traditional meeting room.
  • Meeting pods can potentially save you a significant amount in constructions costs. They serve many of the same uses of a meeting room. With less expense, less footprint and more flexibility.
  • Unlike your standard meeting room, meeting pods come fit with connectivity, seating, power and lighting all built in. This allows you to plug and play with ease.
  • Open plan office systems encourage communication between team members. Insert a meeting pod into this environment and you’ve offered a convenient multi-use space for those ad hoc meetings without causing disruption to the whole office, or supplied a quiet refuge for a member of staff.
  • Customisation is encouraged. Tired of your office environment? Incorporate a meeting pod and you’ve added an interesting and practical piece of furniture.

Meeting pods offer a streamlined, flexible office solution, allowing businesses to ebb and flow with evolving workspace demands – one meeting at a time. If you still don’t believe us, try one for yourself!

Meeting Pod Insitu with Pod Squared

Insitu Office featuring Pod Squared and original Meeting Pods.