WFH: Working From Home

During lockdown millions of us started working from home, thus altering the landscape of our workplace and home. We quite literally took the saying ‘making the workplace a home from home’ and turned our homes into our offices.Outdoor Pod

Creating the right home working environment has been key to ensure one is staying focused, motivated, and engaged. Our outdoor pods have provided the perfect sanctuary for just this. Beautifully designed, and built from recycled materials, our outdoor pods have multifunctional use, and powered via solar panel. Accompanied by a variety of accessories; back panels, front glass enclosures, tech packs and heating and air conditioning, mean they are perfect for all year-round use. A savvy solution to a home office- without any planning permission necessary.

Coming in a range of bespoke finishes such as, change in shell & foam colour, and fabric seating for enclosed pods. Our open pods are fitted with interior decking boards, the same that are used on yachts, making them hard wearing, and durable. All our bespoke options allow for a totally unique space to be created. An environment that suits each individual and their needs.

We do not know how long this way of living will go on for, but one thing we are certain on is that the way that we interact with the space we live in has changed.Garden Terrace Pod